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Crystal Art Has Saved My Sanity

Posted by Jital Rao on

My name is Mary Croft. I wanted to tell you why Crystal art has saved my sanity.

My wonderful partner Robin sadly passed away on July 23rd this last. He was diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread in January of last year and had 3 strokes on top of it all. Apart from 3 weeks in hospital, I nursed him at home for 7 months.

I didn't sleep because he may have needed me. I didn't eat because I didn't have time. I had carers in for 4 hours a day but the other 20 hours it was just me. I started doing Crystal art maybe a year or so ago, but once Rob fell sick, I would set up my tray with all my bits beside his bed in the lounge and whenever I had a minute, I would do little bits.


I completed the rainbow art and put it in the window where it is to this day. Rob loved watching me do it. He thought they were beautiful. I have done loads of cards and 6 or 7 large pictures. Since I lost Rob, I have thrown myself into my Crystal art and it has helped me immensely to relax. Although I am grieving badly and miss him so very much, I can concentrate on my art and love seeing it all come to life. 

I've done the Xmas cards and have also finished one of the larger robins on the fence on canvass. I did it in honour of my Robin. 

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to craft buddy. And I will continue to do my Crystal art forever.

Thank you. 


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