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Make Along with Sharon: "Festive Best of British" set of 8 Cards

Posted by Sharon Holden on

Hi Everyone!

If you don’t know me already, I’m Shar, I’ve worked for Craft Buddy for 5 years now and love each and every minute. My job is varied but of course my first love is crafting, especially Crystal Art! I first discovered Crystal Art cards in 2016, it was a Poppy card, one of the first generation cards and from that moment on I was hooked!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the glorious summer weather we are all having right now! It’s been a hectic few weeks at Craft Buddy, we are all getting excited and ready for Christmas, I know it’s only the beginning of August, but as the saying goes “It’s never too early to start your Christmas crafting”. I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered we were doing a limited edition "Festive Best Of British" box set of cards. (Add to Cart) They are such amazing value, you get 8 stunning cards/envelopes and of course all  the crystals and tools you need to complete your cards. The artwork has been carefully selected to represent all aspects of Christmas and Winter so is perfect for your Christmas cards as well as winter birthdays. If you have never tried this craft before this is the perfect chance to try it, each card will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to complete and you will have a beautiful finished card to send to someone special at the end of it.

For anyone that is new to the craft here are some step by step instructions for you

Step 1: Choose the card you wish to complete (my personal favourite in this kit is the Teddy bear one so I’d start with that one 😁

Step 2: Take the corresponding set of crystals (there is a code on the back of the card that matches with a code on the pack of crystals)

Step 3: Take your crystal art tool, peel back the plastic cover on the pink jelly wax and push both ends of the tool into it (TIP - one end picks up one crystal and the other end picks up 3 crystals at once, perfect for areas where there are single colour blocks)

Step 4: Peel back a small amount of the plastic cover on the card (TIP - never remove completely as this may result in you spoiling the card if foreign objects land on the glue or if you place the plastic sheet on the wrong way round)

Step 5: Look at the letters on the chosen part of the card, take the corresponding crystals, ie A and decant a small amount into the tray, gently shake the tray until some of the crystals are facing the right way up (faceted edge at the top)

Step 6: Taking your pick up tool gently press onto the top of the crystal, the tool will pick the crystal up thus allowing you to transfer the crystal onto the corresponding lettered circle, press the crystal down and because the cards are already pre glued the crystal will automatically stick to the card and release

Step 7: Continue in the same way until all of the card has been completed (TIP - if the card is going to be handled a great deal you can choose to seal your project with our amazing Crystal Art Sealer [I want to buy this], we also have a Shimmer Sealer which adds extra sparkle!) [show me what it is]

Step 8: Save any remaining crystals as these can be used on other projects (TIP - we sell Crystal Art stamps which are perfect for using up your leftovers)

The Crystal Art Cards are just a small section of what we sell on our website, there is so much more, ranging from the larger canvases if you fancy more of a challenge, our Crystal Art Stamps, Cushions, Purses, Frameable, Keyrings, Stickers, Wreaths, Hanging decorations and so much more! Why not go and have a look for yourself. I adore all of our products, one of my personal favourites though are the Crystal Art Notebooks, these are perfect for a gift for someone as a complete kit or perfect for completing yourself and having a beautiful notebook at the end of it to use.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog and until next time ………..

Keep on crystalling


Shar xx

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