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Make Along with Sharon: Crystal Art Christmas Woodland Deer Scene

Posted by Sharon Holden on

Hi Everyone!

Shar here! I can’t believe that Autumn is now upon us, hopefully the weather will be kind and we will have more sunshine to brighten up the autumn/winter days. If not you can always guarantee that Crystal Art will bring some sparkle into your life!

It’s been a busy couple of months, I had the Farnborough Craft Show & Creative Craft Show Glasgow which were both fantastic and it was lovely to meet so many crafters!

I have been continuing my Christmas crafting and my next make was this absolutely stunning Christmas Woodland Deer Scene (Buy at £16.99). This beautiful scene is made out of MDF and once completed can be brought out year after year.

 Everything you need is included within the kit, the only extras you will need are:

- Crystal Art Sealer [I need more...save £1.99 to get 2 x 150ml sealer now]

- A paint brush [ Add to cart ]

- a small yoghurt pot (or similar)

- Some baby wipes

- Crystal Art storage cases (recommended) [ Show me more 

Step-by-step guide:

1. I recommend, as always, using one of our Crystal Art storage cases for this project, decant the crystals into the pots and label them correctly. (I like this Tartan Crystal Art Storage Case!)


2. Taking your pick up tool, push the tool (both ends) into the jelly wax (this enables the tool to pick up the crystals) (you can pick up 3 crystals at one end of the tool and 1 at the other)

3. I started this project by first of all completing all of the MDF letters 'X', 'M', 'A' and 'S'. For the MDF letter 'X' you will see (like all of our kits) it has pre printed circles with letters in them, I started with the letter D, taking the corresponding crystals dispense them into your tray (I recommend gently shaking the tray to get rows of crystals the correct way up)

4. Peel back the plastic sheet (do not fully peel back otherwise foreign objects could stick to your project as this is already pre sticky) 

5. Taking your pick up tool, pick up one of the crystals (faceted side up) and place onto the corresponding circle

6. Continue until you have finished all of the individual pieces

7. I then recommend sealing as this will be used year after year (How to use Crystal Art Sealer?). To seal - add a teaspoon of water into a yoghurt pot. Add approx 10 paintbrush loads into the pot or until the sealer is a slightly runnier consistency and smooth. Paint between the crystals and wipe any excess off with a baby wipe. Allow to dry overnight. Once they are fully dry you can then slot the pieces together and push into the MDF base

You then have a beautiful Christmas Woodland Scene to enjoy year after year, how about also using alongside our other scenes! (I LOVE THE 3D Crystal Art Christmas Tree)


I hope you have enjoyed this step by step and I hope you enjoy making your Christmas Woodland Scene as much as I did mine

Take care and keep crystalling

Shar xxx

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