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My ideal job was waiting for me

Posted by Jital Rao on

I have been very crafty from a young age, always looking at ways to make literally anything from bits and pieces around the house. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the world of henna art (temporary body art created using intricate designs drawn using natural plant extracts). Being from an Indian background, I used to love to go to weddings, just so I could get some henna on my hands and always wished I was able to do it myself.

I started drawing patterns on everything and anything whenever I had a pen in my hands, even now, if I am on the phone or procrastinating, I doodle.

I always love to try my hand at new things; from jewellery making, paper crafting, to designing my own candles and other homeware good.

How did you find a job at Craft Buddy?

I believe this was fate! 

Towards the end of last year, I had many conversations with friends and colleague about what your ideal job would be (at the time, I was in the corporate world for number of years and it just wasn’t for me). I always said it would involve something to do with crafting or making things – if you love something and are passionate about it, it will show in your work.

Whilst I was looking for a new job, I came across the Craft Buddy advert and just knew it was a sign, and knew I had to get this job.

I had actually tried my hand at Diamond Painting (as I knew then) previously and had ordered a custom kit via a sponsored ad (from an international vendor) I saw on Instagram. When it came, I was hugely disappointed to say the least as it was of very poor quality, folded with many creases and half of my son’s head was in a different shade. And it had square drills which I personally just couldn’t get on with, so it just sat in the cupboard (even now).

When I researched more about Craft Buddy, it became more and more clear that this job was for me. Going for my interview, the people were so friendly and welcoming, I felt I was in the right place and I could see myself working here.

It was one of the longest interviews I have ever had, but that just showed me how Gary and Dino are very thorough in everything they do, to ensure they get the correct results they are looking for.

What do you enjoy about Crystal Art?

As I mentioned above, I did try this once before but seeing how it should actually look (having researched other brands too), I can honestly say from personal experience, Craft Buddy Crystal Art Kits are by far the best ones around. They have so many different kits to choose from, they come pre-mounted on frames, so no horrible creases and you are ready to display as soon as you are done!

My son loves Crystal Art too; it helps him relax and keeps him busy and away from the screen, which is difficult at the best of times. He loves the stickers the most and sticks them on his bed frame. I think he was happier than I was when I got the job :)

What Crystal Art Kit did you do first?

My all-time favourite animal is a Tiger! So of course, it had to be a tiger one. I got the tiger card and both my son, and I completed this together.

I am currently working on the 30x30 White Tiger, which I am loving so much. It’s my down time after all the chores and childcare, so whenever I get the chance, it’s the first thing I want to do.

What do you do at Craft Buddy?

I am the Marketing Manager at Craft Buddy and started in mid-February this year, so not that long ago. I am responsible for generating content for our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube; and I am currently setting up our Pinterest account. I assist our E-commerce manager with our websites, and I create our weekly e-mails, amongst other duties. 

We honestly have the best team of designers and influencers at Craft Buddy! A special mention needs to go to Naomi, Sharon and Sarah who have been incredibly helpful and welcoming since I have started. I work with them in organising the Facebook Lives for you all, ask them to create some samples that I might need to use to advertise certain products but generally, just love to have a bit of a chit-chat; which is great as we come up with ideas on what people would like to see. 

Sharon, our in-house Facebook queen, is fantastic at liaising with our Facebook Group members and helping them with any queries they may have, or what they would like to see, and then we work together to make it happen. 

I can't wait to have a crafting session with the ladies once this lockdown is over as I am so keen to learn something new - we might even have to have a personal FaceTime workshop of our own :)

I am proud to have joined such a passionate and enthusiastic team,  I look forward to seeing Craft Buddy grow from strength to strength and excited to see what the future entails.




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