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My Pandemic Saviour

Posted by Jital Rao on

I first discovered Crystal Art during the Pandemic when the shops and restaurants were all closed and social distancing was being enforced.  It was actually my boyfriend who bought me my first Crystal Art kit - a Birthday present in lockdown.  The design was titled Leopard and featured a stunning wild leopard with piercing blue eyes so lifelike it seemed as though poised and ready to jump out of the picture to growl at you.

As I slowly unwrapped the package I was filled with a sense of excitement tinged with some trepidation.  I glanced at all those tiny glistening and twinkling sparking, shiny beads.  I wondered if I would ever complete such an intricate design and how many hours it might take.

But I persevered methodically and systematically placing each tiny bead into its allocated space  then gradually as if by magic, the design started to appear.  I was hooked - so much so that I have now completed several more Crystal Art projects. These include Howling Wolves and Tigers at the jungle.

I can honestly say in my experience each kit has been an absolute joy to work as you breathe life into your chosen design.  Crystal Art is in lots of ways similar to painting but without the mess.  You do not require any special artistic or drawing skills to create these beautiful works of art  Patience and perseverance are the key to finishing your design successfully.

I find Crystal Art totally absorbing -  a stress relieving and therapeutic past time.  In my opinion with the current pandemic and winter now approaching there is no better time to take the plunge and start exploring this fascinating, intriguing and beautiful hobby.  Crystal Art is suitable for anyone and it is good for your mental health too.

I hope this article is helpful for new Crystal Art enthusiasts.

Below are photos of some of my completed kits.



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