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Make Along with Naomi: Forever Flowerz Pentagonal Vase

Posted by CraftBuddy Team on

Hi buddies!

New Year - New Die Set! We are happy to present to you all the brand new Forever Flowerz Eastern Elegance Flower Vase Die Set & Forever Flowerz Magnificent Magnolias Panel Die Set. Designed by Naomi, the new pentagonal vase is perfect for you to arrange your lovely Forever Flowerz kits in, or you can even use them as pen holders, sweet boxes, desktop organisers, etc! 


Check out the step-by-step guidelines from Naomi and get started on making these beautiful new pentagonal vases!

What you need:

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Unpack your Forever Flowerz Eastern Elegance Flower Vase Die Set

Step 2: Using the vase dies cut five side panels, one vase base and one vase rim. Use a bone folder to fold all the score lines. 

Step 3: Next cut five large and five small decorative panels. 

Step 4: Glue the top and bottom panels to each side panel before constructing the vase

Step 5: Stick each of the five panels to the pentagon shaped base ensuring the edges are married up well. 

Step 6: Once all five panels are glued in place they should look like this. 

Step 7: Now add glue to the smaller glue flap on each panel and fix in place. 

Step 8: Your flower vase is beginning to take shape. 

Step 9: Do the same with the longer glue flaps adding glue then fixing together. 

Step 10: Add glue to the tiny glue flaps at the top of your flower vase. These will glue under the edge of the rim of the vase to shape it. 


Step 11: Use the glue to cover the rim of the vase. 

Step 12: Attach the pentagonal rim frame all the way around the top of your vase to strengthen. 

Step 13: Now add Forever Flowerz of your choice! (Get more Forever Flowerz now!)

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  • Another beautiful varse die i have more to choose from now so very happy thank you naomi
    and everyone at foreverflowerz lily’s would look beautifull in our varses eny chance of us followers getting the soon luv to all Wendy xxx

    Halina Wendy Noble on
  • The vases look fabulous, they would look great ona window sill

    Julie ashley on

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