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Shar Shares: How to use Crystal Art Sealer

Posted by Sharon Holden on

One of the most frequently asked questions for me on both Facebook groups or messenger and also in person at shows is “How do I use the Crystal Art Sealer?”  (150ml - £8.99) I must get asked the same question multiple times a day.

Our Crystal Art Sealer (Buy 2 to save more)  is a transparent, elastic glossy adhesive which is perfect for sealing all of your Crystal Art projects or adding a glossy finish to any other project. You can also use the sealer as a glue, if you find
part of your canvas or card has lost some of its stickiness then add a small dab of the sealer and then add your crystals on top, your crystals will then be permanently stuck.

I recommend using the sealer if:
1. You are hanging your finished picture in a room where steam is generated i.e. kitchen or bathroom. (Good idea, I need some Crystal Art Canvases for my home...)
2. Your project will be handled a lot. (like Crystal Art Notebooks)
3. You are making keyrings, purses, ornaments etc. (Show me what you got!)

You can use our sealer in a couple of ways:
1. Take a thin brush and paint lightly between the crystals. Or alternatively, decant a small amount into a pot and add a small amount of water, mix and then using a thin brush, paint between the crystals.

2. Take a damp cloth or a baby wipe and gently wipe over the surface, taking any excess sealer off the top of the crystals. 

3. Leave to dry for at least 6 hours.

1. When you have finished using, wipe the rim and then cover the top with cling film and then put your lid on, this stops the lid from sticking. If this should happen, immerse the whole pot in a bowl of hot water and leave for a while, this should loosen the lid for you.
2. Rinse all of your tools you have used in hot water.

Simple enough? Once you know how to use the sealer and also what the sealer can do you will never look back!! (Yes - I want to buy more sealer now!)


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  • After sealing my crystals look duller. I have wiped off excess (one Crystal actually moved but repositioned it). Any ideas what I’m doing wrong please

    Jenny on

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