FF-FDAH-COMP: Forever Flowerz Decadent Dahlias Complete Collection

FF-FDAH-COMP: Forever Flowerz Decadent Dahlias Complete Collection

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Forever Flowerz Delightful Festive Dahlias Complete Collection:


This complete collection has everything you need to make 120 Dahlia flower heads and create gorgeous displays of single stems and two wreaths. The Dahlias are one of our largest blooms, giving beautiful fullness and colour to any arrangement.


Your collection is made of three kits, each working well together to give you the ability to craft your flowers and personalise your displays. You will receive:


1. Forever Flowerz Delightful Festive Dahlias: makes approx 120 flowers

    Your flowers are made up of 4 different shapes of petal, each layered following the pattern to create and full bloom flower head. You will have enough to make just over 20 flowers across 5 different colours:






    120 stems

    120 domed caps

    120 end caps

    Wooden flower making tool

    Instructional booklet


    2. Forever Flowerz Decadent Wreath, Leaves and Berries Kit. These solid wreath bases give you the ideal starting point to build fullness, dimension and texture to an arrangement. You will receive fern foliage, leaf stems, 15 berry branches, 20 flower connectors, a large wreath base: and a small solid frame wreath.



      3. Forever Flowerz Premium Stem and Leaves Arrangement Kit - set of 50
      This handy set of stems & leaves are perfect for single stem arrangements. You will receive 50 stems, each with a connector at the top to hold your Forever Flowerz head and multiple connectors down the stems for the foliage, of which you have 100