Forever Flowerz - Peony Blooms Bumper Kit

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Create the most stunning real looking flowers with this Peony Blooms Bumper Kit.

You'll receive all the tools and enough materials for you to make flowers - for paper crafting, flower arranging, mixed media and more!

Easy, simple flowers that you can personalise, perfect for adding a special touch to any project.

You can easily co-ordinate these flowers with your project or add colour and glitter to them to change the way they look.




  • 1 x Craft Buddy Forever Flowerz Peony Blooms Bumper Kit - makes 180 flowers —– Includes:
    • 1 x 180 pcs Stamen
      1 x 180 Large Basket Cup Support
      1 x flower making Tool
      1 x 180 small Basket Cup support
      6 x 60pcs Petals 5.5cm
      6 x 30pcs 4.5cm
      6 x 120pcs 6cm
      1 x 180pcs Flower Stem
      1 x 180pcs Basecap
      1 x 180pcs Leaf
      1 x 10- Finger Covers
      1 x instruction booklet