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Craft Buddy

FF-WRW01: Forever Flowerz Winter Wreath Kit

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This complete wreath kit, is the latest set from Craft Buddy and includes everything you need to create a Forever Flowerz and a beautiful full base. It can create a lovely leave and foliage wreath with white berries, or give you a blank canvas to add flowers, baubles and other decorations. This is a great introduction to the Forever Flowerz range, or an addition to your collections of this modular system. With beautiful foliage to cover the wreath base and leaves you in charge of further decorations.


This complete wreath kit, contains all you need to create a beautiful Festive wreath, with vintage/frosted leaves. All foliage and flowers fit onto the base, making your wreath adaptable and changeable at any time.

You will receive:

  • 33cm wreath base with approx. 105 connectors
  • 20 sprigs of fern
  • 20 sprigs of eucalyptus
  • 20 sprigs of green and white flower buds
  • 20 sprigs of white tipped leaves
  • 20 sprigs of Sea Holly thistle leaves
  • 6 branches of white berries
  • Instruction leaflet to arrange wreath

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete wreath
  • 100 prigs of foliage
  • White berries
  • Can be a blank canvas to add your flower collections and decorations to