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"Poinsettia LED" Forever Flowerz Hanging Basket

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Showcase your love for the winter with this festive hanging basket...

Craft Buddy has taken the timeless beauty of "Forever Flowerz" and added an exciting new dimension. For the first time, you can craft your own hanging basket arrangement adorned with 10 radiant red poinsettias.

Just like the classic "Forever Flowerz", your poinsettia arrangement will stay vibrant and captivating, preserving the spirit of the holiday season indefinitely.

Although your creativity isn't confined to a single season! Swap out poinsettia heads with any of our other "Forever flowerz" flower head options and transform your basket throughout the year.

Crafting a lifelike hanging basket display has never been easier. Our kit's petals are designed for simple yet stunning assembly, allowing you to create poinsettias with a remarkably realistic finish and display them with stunning foliage and leaves.

The polystyrene insert with faux moss top provides flexibility and easy manipulation for your arrangement. Change and refresh your display effortlessly whenever inspiration strikes.

As with all our "Forever Flowerz" kits, this craft eliminates the need for glue or special tools. Combine petals, stems, and leaves effortlessly to bring your vision to life.

Product contents:

  • Metal basket with coco liner 25 x14 cm
  • Polystyrene insert with faux moss top 23 x 5cm
  • strings of wire LED lights: 90cm: with three light settings, fast flash, slow flash and constant. Batteries included and can be changed for future use.
  • 10x large poinsettia petals : 23cm (B)
  • 10x small poinsettia petals :14cm (A)
  • 30x foliage (2)
  • 12x leaves (3)
  • 12x wire stems : 20cm
  • 30x connectors (5)
  • 12x stamens (1)

Product Dimensions:

27 x 27 x 19cm approx

Age Range:

This product is suitable for individuals aging 12 years and above

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